Retirement Reports

Not all client scenarios are the same – the proprietary software reports and financial analysis provided by our strategic partners, including CFPs, helps ensure we have the tools to craft a strategy that meets your specific needs while planning for retirement in Wausau, WI.

Social Security Maximization

The Social Security Maximization Report analyzes possible filing strategies, examines multiple opportunities, and helps determine an optimal solution. It provides a retirement roadmap with dates and instructions to help optimize your Social Security income.

Financial Overview

The Financial Overview report is used to summarize your asset information, income sources, and goals. This report serves as a baseline to build many of the other reports offered.

Color of Money

The Color of Money Report illustrates your risk exposure with your current assets, comparing your existing level of risk with your desired level of risk. Classifying assets based on level of risk is a component of your overall retirement strategy.

Portfolio Analysis Review

Through our partnership with Gradient Investments, LLC, the proprietary Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process gives you a detailed breakdown and written analysis of your investment portfolio. The PAR process uses numerous tools to assess your investments and help you understand the possible risks and rewards of your current financial situation.

Morningstar Report

Morningstar, one of the largest third-party rating agencies in the country, offers an unbiased analysis of your current investments.

Retirement Compass

The Retirement Compass helps you chart your income planning destination. The report integrates multiple sources of income (including Social Security, pension and rental income) along with strategies to generate income from assets to help fulfill your goals throughout retirement.

Custom Annuity Policy Review

The Custom Annuity Policy Review looks at your current annuity to see if it still meets your needs, or if there is something that might be a better fit.

Custom Life Policy Review

The Custom Life Policy Review analyzes your current life insurance policy and helps determine if there may be a more suitable strategy available, and if so, provides possible options.

Action Plan

The Action Plan is a tool used to display your current accounts and can be used as a resource to provide additional feedback based on your risk tolerance.

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