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Retirement Eau Claire WI Red Hot Job Market

What the Red-Hot Job Market Means for Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a severe labor shortage – and quite possibly the most worker-friendly job market in many years. Unpredictable demand shifts exposed pre-existing mismatches between the knowledge…

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Retirement Eau Claire WI How Retirement May Be Taxed

How Your Retirement May Be Taxed

Worried about taxes during retirement? Let’s look at some of the ways different types of retirement income are taxed. Traditional 401(k)s and IRAs On the front end, these tax-deferred accounts…

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Retirement Wausau WI Six Steps to Starting A New Business

Six Steps to Starting a New Business

An extraordinary number of new business applications – nearly 5.4 million – were filed in 2021, far surpassing the previous record of 4.4 million set in 2020.1 Although some of…

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Retirement Wausau WI Financial Time Horizon

Do You Know Your Financial Time Horizon?

The horizon can tell us quite a bit about what’s coming. On a warm summer night, you can look out at the horizon to see if a storm is brewing…

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Retirement Wausau WI Should You Consider Tapping The Equity In Your Home

Should You Consider Tapping The Equity In Your Home?

With home values skyrocketing recently, your home may be one of your largest assets. Using home equity to help finance other financial objectives is a strategy many people consider, but…

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Retirement Wausau WI Making Sense Of The Feds Rate Increase

Making Sense Of The Fed’s Rate Increase

Though many financial experts had long been expecting it, when the news broke on May 4 that the Fed was raising the interest rate by a half-point, it still felt…

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