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Retirement Planning in Wausau, WI

Together, we will traverse the five-step retirement planning process, in Wausau, WI that incorporates three hallmarks of our company – fiduciary, transparency, and technology. You will be confident knowing you have given careful consideration to asset allocation and risk, income planning, asset maximization, legacy planning, and tax strategies.

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Retirement Has Its Challenges

We're Here to Help You Find a Solution

We are a full-service, retirement planning company providing retirement and legacy planning to families nearing or already enjoying retirement.

We've assisted thousands of people in reducing their taxes, especially on Social Security, increasing their monthly income, as well as growing and preserving their retirement “nest egg” they worked so hard to accumulate. We are able to address issues that may affect seniors during their retirement years, whether it’s nursing home protection, earning an income they won't outlive*, or investment management strategies.

*Guarantees based on claims paying ability of issuing carrier.

Wausau WI Buska Medicare Planning

Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

As an independent insurance firm, we find the best rates and products to fit your specific needs.

Wausau WI Buska Insurance Solutions

Medicare & Health Insurance Planning

Medicare & Health Insurance Planning

We address your retirement health needs and concerns by crafting a comprehensive health care strategy.

Wausau WI Buska Tax Group Retirement Plans

Group Retirement Plans

Group Retirement Plans

We always keep you and your plan participants' best interests in mind when making investment decisions.

Wausau WI Buska Wealth Management and Monitoring

Wealth Management & Monitoring

Wealth Management & Monitoring

We provide customized solutions to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Wausau WI Buska Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Planning & Preparation

We file both personal and business tax returns – maximizing your credits and minimizing your worries.

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Wausau WI Retirement Planning Ready Set Retire Book

Our Book:
Ready, Set, Retire!

Do you ever wish you had an owner’s manual to help plan for retirement? Well, now you do. Request your complimentary copy today.

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Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest Article

A lot of people stick with the same financial advisor from the time they’re young and in the asset accumulation phase to when they retire. But that may not be the best approach.

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As third-and fourth-generation leaders of the family business, Sue Buska and her son Cole Bruner have deep roots in central Wisconsin, and an understanding of their community and clients to match.

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Wausau WI 5 Step Retirement Planning Program


Retirement Planning System

From increased market volatility and historically low-interest rates to the loss of pensions and the rising cost of health care, the burden of retirement falls more heavily on the shoulders of individual Americans than it ever has before. But you don’t have to carry it alone.

Step One explains the role of a financial services professional and introduces New Generation Retirement Planning.

Step Two encompasses thought-provoking questions about your financial well-being. It begins with the Color of Money Risk Analysis and incorporates the elements of discovery and client feedback.

Step Three allows us to craft a holistic plan based on your goals and objectives, which is accompanied by a formal presentation using the Color of Money, Social Security Maximization and Retirement Compass reports that allow us to engage in the important task of feedback prior to execution.

Step Four incorporates independent third-party research and solutions based on careful consideration of your asset allocation and risk, income planning, asset maximization, legacy planning, and tax strategies. This step is characterized by efficiency using forward-thinking technology such as electronically-generated and pre-populated forms with e-signature capabilities.

Step five addresses long-term client engagement and five-star service by providing you with unique technology and enhanced value-adds, such as Generational Vault, RFID Data Blocker cards, ByAllAccounts and Wealth Watch. When you work with our company, each step is recorded in Generational Vault so you can be confident knowing that you have given careful consideration to every detail of your retirement plan.

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community outreach program

Buska Gives Back

Buska Gives Back is our community outreach program made possible through our partnership with Gradient Gives Back Foundation, a non-profit organization. We invite Americans who have fallen on hard times to connect with us for an opportunity to be awarded six months of housing payments.

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Helping to Light Your Retirement Path

Our Financially Speaking Blog provides insight into the retirement topics you care about most, including planning, lifestyle, travel, saving, health, and hobbies.

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