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Our mission is to provide our clients with quality and burden-free tax preparation services in Wausau, WI.

Through continuous education, we look forward to applying our knowledge and skills in the preparation of all your tax form needs. We are committed to preparing and submitting your tax forms timely and efficiently.

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Make Your Money Work for You

We look to keep you out of the crosshairs of the IRS by ensuring your return is prepared properly while minimizing any amount you may owe. We strive to make your money work for you, help you avoid IRS tax trouble, and file both personal and business tax returns on your behalf.

Along with the recent tax reform came more complex tax forms – making it more important than ever to have a solid education and understanding in order to properly file. With the help of our enrolled agent, we will have the required training to prepare returns and represent clients before the IRS.

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Extra fees will apply for additional services required.
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Accurate Tax Prep Service

Are you ready to file your taxes? Schedule a complimentary consultation with our Enrolled Agent, Carl Van Setters. Carl is a military veteran with 10 years of accounting experience and is committed to maximizing your tax credits wherever possible.

Prior to your scheduled appointment, please print and complete the following documents:

  • Price List

  • Tax Organizer

  • Engagement Agreement

  • Business/Farm Supplement Organizer

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Legacy Tax Solutions

Who do you trust with filing your returns at tax season? How about the same professionals you trust with your finances? Buska Retirement Solutions’ experienced staff at their affiliate, Legacy Tax Solutions, work all year round. That’s why when you come back next year, you can expect the same friendly face to welcome with the previous year’s tax information ready to go.

Income Tax Services

Tax Planning and Preparation

We are not here just during tax season. Throughout the year we can also analyze your financial situation and help develop a plan to minimize how much you pay in taxes and maximize your ability to contribute to your retirement plan.

Wausau WI Legacy Tax Solutions LLC Tax Preparation

Tax Preparations

Tax season can be overwhelming. We can help lighten the burden. Just supply us with your tax information and we will complete and file your return forms for you.

Wausau WI Legacy Tax Solutions LLC Tax Audit

Tax Audits

We can do an in-depth review of your past tax returns and/or your current tax information – either before filing your return or after if an audit is requested from the IRS.

Wausau WI Legacy Tax Solutions LLC Tax Representation

Tax Representation

Receiving a letter from the IRS can be downright scary. We will evaluate the situation and if it simply requires a response letter, we will write and file it on your behalf.