Tools We Use for Retirement Planning

New Generation Retirement Planning System

A holistic approach to retirement planning.

Our New Generation Retirement Planning System in Wausau, WI assists you in laying out a retirement plan that makes sense and is easy to understand. It consists of a five-step process that incorporates three hallmarks of our company – fiduciary, transparency, and technology. As we traverse the five important steps together, you will be confident knowing you have given careful consideration to asset allocation and risk, income planning, asset maximization, legacy planning, and tax strategies.

Color of Money Risk Analysis (COMRA)

Green, Yellow, and Red Money

Before you can make an informed decision about your assets, you need to have a clear understanding about your attitude towards risk and how it relates to your retirement. The Color of Money Risk Analysis (COMRA) explores how you feel about potential gains and losses, examines the predictability of your assets, and provides a road map to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a Color of Money risk score. This short, interactive analysis is one of the first steps on the road to retirement.

Generational Vault

Preserving the past and securing a future.

As a client, you will receive access to Generational Vault, a secure online portal that allows you to easily upload, manage, and access your financial and personal documents. Every time you log in, you will have immediate access to all of your financial information. You can view a snapshot of your financial picture, a simple-to-understand summary of all your financial accounts, detailed records of your assets, and dynamic reports and charts. You can also watch how your investments are progressing and manage your expenses and income from one central location. Generational Vault keeps a running record of our work together, so you’ll always know where to look if you want to review a decision or check on the progress of your plan. This innovative storage vehicle will help you become more organized with your finances and makes it much easier for your beneficiaries to access important family documents in critical times of need.

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