Community Involvement

As a long-time local business, we truly have a bond with this community and do what we can to support its residents through charitable giving and involvement in community organizations. We also strive to use products and services from local businesses whenever possible.

Helping residents in Wausau, Eau Claire, and the surrounding areas

Buska Gives Back

Our Buska Gives Back community outreach program invites Americans who have fallen on hard times to apply for an opportunity to receive six months of housing payments. One deserving family is selected annually, relieving them of this significant monthly obligation and assisting in providing an opportunity for a better future. Apply or nominate a family today.

Wausau WI Buska Retirement Solutions Gives Back Hands

Deserving Families We've Helped

Nieslowski Family

Nieslowski Family

On November 2, 2020, Brent fell 13 feet when his tree stand broke under him. Brent broke his neck and his C7 causing him to become a quadriplegic. During that time Brent, his wife Jodi, and their two daughters faced many uncertainties, question marks, and fears about their future.

Witter Family

Witter Family

Michael and Amanda Witter and their three children have been stricken with medical and employment challenges, which has made staying current with their bills challenging.

Salyers Family

Salyers Family

Kimberly Salyers was selected for this award for her strength and selflessness while facing the devastating loss of her son. In 2010, Kim’s son, Noah, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of eight years old.

Robinson Family

Robinson Family

The Robinson family spent most of November and December under a cloud of worry when Veronica began experiencing severe abdominal pain. Adjusting to a single income while paying medical bills has been extremely challenging for the family.

Burgoyne Family

Burgoyne Family

In May of 2019, the Burgoyne family’s lives were turned upside down in an instant when Brian Burgoyne was diagnosed with MS. To make things worse, they ended up in a battle with their insurance company forcing Brian to stop recommended treatments.

We Invite You To Join Us

Public Participation Events

Activities include celebrations, fundraisers, collecting donations, doing something just for the fun of it, or simply eating some great local food!

Wausau WI Buska Retirement Solutions Egg Rolls

  • Come visit us to once again get those delicious eggrolls, crab rangoons, and fried rice. Everything is made daily with the freshest ingredients and original sauces.
  • Wausau Office
  • August 29th
  • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Wausau WI Buska Retirement Solutions Eggrolls

Wausau WI Buska Retirement Solutions Public Participation Events
Wausau WI Buska Retirement Solutions Educational Events

Supporting Good Causes

Sponsorships & Partnerships

We proudly sponsor and make financial contributions to numerous local events and various organizations.

  • Hosted by:  WDEZ
  • Angel of the Hour Sponsor - Thursday, February 17th at 11:00
  • 2/17/22 - 2/18/22

WDEZ Radio

  • Hosted by: Trailmates Snowmobile Club
  • Balloon Sponsor – Bubbles
  • 7/8/22 - 7/10/22

    Taste ‘n Glow Balloon Fest

 Christmas in July Charity

Crusin for a Cause

Willy Wonka Graphic

Boys Girls Club of the Wausau Area High Tea

Run for the Fallen