Enhanced Planning Checklist

Without careful preparation, probate court and the state could decide where your assets go and how much to take from your estate in taxes. Wills and trusts can be tools that help reduce your estate’s exposure to taxes as you transfer it to the next generation.

You may be thinking:

  • “Why would I need a will? My family knows what my wishes are.”
  • “I’m not rich, and my assets aren’t worth much, so a trust doesn’t make sense for me.”
  • "Why should I care what happens after I’m gone? I’m gone!”

If any of those sound like you, it may be time to give enhanced planning a second look. While you may be confident that your family knows your wishes and will follow them, you should still consider taking steps to head off potential misunderstandings or conflicts after you’re gone because the reality is disagreements and hurt feelings are common.

We do not provide legal advice and you are encouraged to seek legal counsel in the formation of the suggested documents.

Don’t roll the dice on your family’s future, embrace enhanced planning to spell out your wishes.

Wausau WI Buska Retirement Solutions Enhanced Planning Checklist